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We are a team of IP attorneys and professionals with expertise in a wide range of IP services. We provide business-centric solutions to safeguard your valuable creations, innovations, and brands.

Your team ‘Boudhik IP’ provides comprehensive business
centric services to protect and defend your valuable
creations, innovations, and brands.

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About Us

Navigating the IP Landscape with Expertise and Excellence

Boudhik IP is a reputed Intellectual Property (IP) firm in India dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for protecting and managing IP assets. With a team of experienced IP attorneys and
professionals, we specialize in helping clients safeguard their innovations, brands, artistic and literary works, and other forms of Intellectual Property.

At Boudhik IP, we possess a deep understanding of Intellectual Property law and the evolving landscape of innovations in industries. Our expertise covers a wide range of IP services, including Patent prosecution, Trademark registration, Copyright and Design protection, IP portfolio management, IP licensing, enforcement, and litigation. We have successfully represented clients from various industries, ranging from technology and biotechnology to entertainment and fashion.

Why “Boudhik IP” is Unique?

✓ Boudhik IP not just talk about protecting Intellectual Property rather we develop a strategic roadmap from initiation of the idea until it is launched in the market.

✓ We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients by adopting a client-centric approach.

✓ We take a personalized approach to understand client’s specific business objectives and tailor our IP services that aligns with client’s goals and maximizes the value of your IP assets.

✓ We are known for our attention to detail, strategic thinking, and dedication to protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights with integrity and professionalism.

✓ Through our personalized IP roadmap, we are committed to supporting and protecting our clients innovative ideas, inventions, and breakthroughs, ensuring they can thrive in their respective industries.

✓ Success mantra of Boudhik IP is to provide quality professional services in a timely manner and at a justifiable cost through the use of experience, knowledge, and skills with ongoing education and training of the Patent Agents & Attorneys, Engineers, and Professional staff.

Get personalized IP services for your business growth

Lets find the right Intellectual Property Option for your business:


Secures protection for technological advancements.

Geographical Indication

Certification trade mark as a GI indicates to consumers that a product comes from a specific geographical region.


Protects artwork, new music, film, and computer programs.


Protects logos, words and other branding.


Protects the aesthetics or look of a product.

Plant Variety

Protects the commercial rights of new plant varieties.

Unlock the Power of Intellectual Property for Sustainable Business Growth.

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Full service IP boutique firm

IP Inventory

-Patent services
-Trademark services
-Copyright services
-Design services

IP Risk Assessment

– Infringement Risk Analysis
– Enforcement of IP Rights
– IP Litigation
– IP Negotiation

IP Strategy

– Innovation Portfolio
– Trademark Clearance
– Design Development
– How to use IP to Raise Funding
– IP Valuation

Boudhik IP offers accessible and cost-effective IP services aimed at safeguarding your intellectual property assets and mitigating the risk of potential infringement on others' IP rights.​

Our Team

Meet Our Team at Boudhik IP LLP!

At Boudhik IP LLP, we are proud to have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about intellectual property law and committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. Our team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in various aspects of IP & Business growth, ensuring that we deliver comprehensive and effective solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. Get to know the talented individuals who make up our team:

Shubham Singh Thakur

Shubham Singh Thakur


7 years as Innovation & IP Strategist

Karan Sharma

Karan Sharma


8 Years experience obtaining patents worldwide

Kritika Upmanyu

Kritika Upmanyu


5 years experience obtaining trademarks worldwide

Amit Singh

Amit Singh


8 years experience obtaining patents & designs worldwide

A team that aims to achieves more

Appreciation from Eminent Organizations

Recognised Patent Facilitator and Trademark Facilitator for Startups

Boudhik IP is a true leader in the intellectual property space, with a reputation for excellence and innovation that is second to none. Their team of experts is always up-to-date on the latest developments and trends. Their commitment to excellence is truly inspiring, and I have no doubt they will continue to achieve great things in the years to come!

Dr. Sankha Bhattacharya

VolunteerSVKMs NMIMS, School of Pharmacy and Technology Management

With Expert and positive support of Karan and Boudhik team, I could file several patents. Thank you. Keep going.

Shreepad Hegde

Managing Director @ Schematic Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd

Thank you Boudhik IP, Vivek Dahiya Karan Sharma Shubham Singh Thakur for supporting and helping throughout this Patenting journey. It was a good experience with the team

Dr. Anuradha Tomar

Assistant Professor at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Thanks Boudhik IP team for supporting and helping me in my patenting journey. Thanks Vivek, Karan and Shubham.

Dr. Richa Kothari
Dr. Richa Kothari

Professor at ITM University, Gwalior

Thank you Karan for a recent help and meticulous work that resulted into a successful patent grant process of idea/invention. Best wishes.

Prof. Nilesh Kumar Sharma
Prof. Nilesh Kumar Sharma


We have filed 2 patents with them back to back and the experience has been smooth, got to learn a lot about IP. Thank you Team Boudhik and Shubham Singh Thakur for advising and helping us secure patents for our innovations

Amit Panwar
Amit Panwar

Founder at SunQulp

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